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applied rhythmic technology

A.R.T. used to be Kirk Degiorgio's label now superseded by Op-ART. The number of releases might be little but the effect they had can't be imagined. Every record marks a high-light and makes this label's output rare objets d'art for collectors.

   ART 1
Balil Nort Route [Remix]
Atypic Blah
Future/Past Clinically Inclined [Remix]
As One Amalia

this was the very first release in the series of four & came out in fruition during the summer of '91 when an excited carl craig contacted a soho record shop in search of kirk degiorgio. a few weeks before kirk had sent carl a preview tape of a number of tracks which so impressed carl that he released them on his own external website Planet E imprint. the catalogue number of the ep was PE-ART 1 & became the forerunner of the genuine ART 1 which differed slightly from its american cousin as it featured two remixes and two brand new tracks.

the previously unheard of balil & atypic kicked off side one with nort route & blah. a quick scan of the credits soon revealed that Black Dog were responsible for producing these tracks. they had already released three innovative eps on their own label as well as the much sought after plaid lp and were gaining a growing reputation amongst the underground at the time of the release of art 1. nort route is the first example of balil's unique approach to the world of rhythmic & complex sequenceing, blah however exemplifies the other side of the early black dog sound with its raw edges & machanic undertones.

the b side of art 1 belongs exclusively to kirk degiorgio as it features tracks under his two original pseudonyms future/past & as one which had only been previously available through the dance intellect ep (b1203) on external website B12's label. the first track up clinically inclined is the most obviously club based cut on the 12" with its stomping collage of samples which were inspired by carl craig's b.f.c. releases on the historic fragile & retroactive labels. kirks second track amalia was ironically added to the single at the last moment. this was a stroke of luck as this warm, soulful offering received the most attention and is now considered amongst some a classic, so much so that two years after its original release amalia popped up on new electronica's chronological harmonisations compilation album. [1]

ART 2 CD - The Philosophy of Sound and Machine

  1. Future/Past - Nebula Variation
  2. Q-Chastic - CAT 002
  3. Soit-P.P. - n.IASP
  4. Red Cell - Bio-Dimension
  5. Neuro Politique - Artemis (Mayday Mix)
  6. Kosmik Kommando - Remember the Feeling
  7. Cmetric - Debris
  8. Balil - The Whirling of Spirits
  9. Esoterik - Pursuit
  10. Future/Past - T.R.Y. 2004 Funk
  11. Twelve Days Of Night - Trance
  12. Balil - Small Energies
  13. Blue Calx - Blue Calx
Released in cooperation with external website Rephlex

ART 2.1 - The Philosophy of Sound and Machine Pt. 1

Future/Past Nebula Variations
Cmetric Debris
Balil The Whirling of Spririts
As One Isatai

the next release in the art series came about through a link up between kirk and rephlexs grant wilson - claridge. the two discussed and released the philosophy of sound and machine compilation which was only available on cd. this album was a landmark release in the history of electronic music as it brought together for the very first time on one album the aphex twin, b12 & black dog amongst others. at the time these artists were part of the underground time has now shown how important and innovative these artists were & still are. as some of the tracks on the cd would never be available on vinyl kirk took the step of readdressing this situation and put together art 2.1 & 2.2 which basically featured some tracks from the historic cd as well as brand new mixes and previously unreleased tracks.

Once again as on art 1 future/past supplied the club angle with the detroit influenced nebula variation which used fast, intricate percussion patterns driven by the familiar dx100 bass sound. another track featured was debris by cmetric which was b12's most unorthodox release to date and gave and insight into their present experimental direction. debris uses samples as a basis for the track which builds into dancability before disintegrating into a deep & wonderfully off key breakdown before building once again.

the whirling spirits by balil has a magical & mysterious edge which brings many to the conclusion that it is the showpiece of art 2.1. not to be out done on the mythical side as one offers us isatai, a suitably melancholic affair which takes its title from an indian chief who believed that his magical powers would make his tribe immune to an approaching armies bullets. [1]

ART 2.2 - The Philosophy of Sound and Machine Pt. 2

Future/Past Try 2000 Funk
Neuro Politique Artemis
Esoterik Pursuit
Balil Choke and Fly

this naturally followed on from art 2.1 as it once again fromed part of the vinyl releases from the aforementioned philosophy of sound & machine cd. once again future/past was featured along with kirk's third third pseudonym to date esoterik. the newcomer to this series was matt cogger who contributed a track under his neuro politique moniker. matt is an uk artist who had spent the majority of 1990 in detroit looking after derrick may's external website transmat label whilst he was away in europe. during his stay in detroit matt managed to record a few sessions at the infamous metroplex studios. artemis was the fruit of these sessions & is testament to matt's distinctive detoit style 909 drum programming which he has managed to continue through to his present releases.

art 2.2 was and still is sought after due to the previously unreleased balil track choke & fly which was another complex tune with deftly disguised breaks & multi-layered melodies. esoterik's offering took on board numerous samples of 80's disco tracks & tense oberheim strings to create the realistic effect of a movie chase scene. [1]

   ART 3 - B.F.C./Psyche

Psyche Neurotic Behavior
Psyche How The West Was Won
B.F.C. Chicken Noodle Soup
B.F.C. Sleep

after supplying carl craig with tracks for his pe-art-1 release in '91 kirk received a huge favour back in '93 when carl supplied him with a stunning ep for release on art. this was to become art 3. an ep which featured four original tracks from carl under the pseudonyms of psyche & b.f.c. neurotic behavior had been recorded in '90 at the r&s studios in belgium & had been remixed by derrick may for release on transmat. however, the original had never seen the light of day. carl managed to eventually locate this unheard of version & cleaned it up for release on art 3. neurotic behaviour has become a legendary track which though djs like external website mixmaster morris helped to spawn the now expanding european ambient scene. the splendour of the lead track should not overshadow the moody how the west was won along with chicken noodle soup which actually featured carl on vocals & the chill out ambient piece sleep. [1]

   ART 4 CD - Applied Rhythmic Technology

  1. Balil - Nort Route (mix4)
  2. Atypic - Blah
  3. Future/Past - Clinically Inclined (mix2)
  4. As One - Amalia
  5. Balil - Choke & Fly
  6. Future/Past - Jam Packed
  7. As One - The Priestess
  8. Future/Past - T.R.Y. 2004 Funk (mix2)
  9. As One - Isatai
  10. Balil - The Whirling Of Spirits (mix2)
Tracks 1, 2, 5 and 10 produced by Black Dog Productions.
Tracks 3, 4, 6-9 produced by Kirk Degiorgio.
Artwork from Black Dog Towers. © 1993 ART Records.

   ART 5 CD - Phenomyna: Unexplained

  1. Perihelion
  2. Into the Other World
  3. From Afar
  4. Earthfall
  5. Travellor
  6. The Exiles
  7. Passion
  8. Got the Urge
  9. Travellor (Reprise)
Phenomyna is Steve Pickton (aka Stasis) from Otherworld Recordings (UK). © 1994

ART 5.1 - Phenomyna: Explained V1

  1. Into The Other World (Unexplained Version)
  2. Earthfall (Explained by Nuron)
  3. The Exiles (Explained by Future/Past)
  4. Travellor (Explained by Red Cell)
Into The Other World taken from ART 5 CD, the other tracks are remixes.

ART 5.2 - Phenomyna: Explained V2

  1. Into The Other World (Explained by Black Dog Productions)
  2. Passion (Explained by As One)
  3. Got The Urge (Explained by Stasis)
  4. Travellor (Unexplained Reprise)
Travellor taken from ART 5 CD, the other tracks are remixes.

   ART 6 - Elegy

  1. Ensemble
  2. Ensemble Beats
  3. Tone Poem
© 1994. All things created by Elegy.

   ART 7.1

Esoterik Kwaidan
Blue Binary Solaris
Redcell Infinite Lites
Redcell The City [inhabited by Cmetric]

This is the first part of the cooperation between A.R.T. and B12. The a-side with Esoterik and Blue Binary has catalogue number ART 7.1 whereas the b-side has the number B1214.1

ART 7.2 - Elegy/Esoterik/Redcell

Elegy \p Switch
Esoterik Thru
Redcell Climatic Calm
Redcell Practopia

This is the second part of the cooperation between A.R.T. and B12. The a-side with Esoterik and Blue Binary has catalogue number ART 7.2 whereas the b-side has the number B1214.2

Who Is Who of A.R.T.

As One, Future/Past, Esoterik, Elegy: Kirk Degiorgio
Balil, Atypic: Black Dog Productions
Cmetric, Redcell: Michael Golding & Steve Rutter (aka B12)
Psyche, B.F.C.: Carl Craig
Neuro Politique: Matt Cogger
Phenomyna: Steve Pickton (aka Stasis)
Blue Binary: Werner Bauer


Objets d'A.R.T.

This is a 4x12" compilation of the first four EPs (art1, art2.1, art2.2, and art3), repressed from the original matrices. obviously no remastering.

Released by New Electronica as elec::9lp on vinyl only, limited to 1000 copies.


  • Shouts to HP303 for inspiration, and tmx for creation.
  • [1] text taken from objets d'art (New Electronica elec::9lp)



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