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circonium favourites 2001

december 2001    

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a man, suffering from short-term memory loss, uses notes, polaroids, and tattoos to hunt down his wife's killer... the scenes are shown in reverse order; the revenge killing at the beginning of the film is the end of the story. like a person with no short-term memory, you never know what happened before the current scene, and you won't know everything until the very last scene.

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fun with logos
holidays in google style (remember: do not use any other search engine on the web than google... and this is not because of the logos)
move d - kunststoff

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sound recording
source cd/lp (1995) - a timeless piece of electronic dance music
the other people place - lifestyles of the laptop cafe

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sound recording
warp cd/lp 90 (2001)
november 2001    

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light installation
the windows of a berlin office building form the world's biggest interactive computer display. watch animations and early computer games, play pong with your mobile phone, or create your own movie.

pulp fiction

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you won't know the facts until you've seen the fiction. by quentin tarantino.
requiem for a dream

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dramatic story of four people who find their lives spiraling down towards the abyss after living with their escalating drug dependencies. despite cruel and eplicit scenes you will be fascinated by the beautiful pictures and varied filming techniques. directed by darren aronofsky who also directed the great movie "Pi".
the man who wasn't there

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alaconic, chain-smoking barber blackmails his wife's boss and lover for money to invest in dry cleaning, but his plan goes terribly wrong... written and directed by the coen brothers.
october 2001    
monolake - cinemascope

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sound recording
ml/i 009 cd (2001)
the parallax corporation - cocadisco I
the parallax corporation - cocadisco II

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sound recordings
viewlexx V10 und V11 (2000)
mixed up in the hague vol. 1

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sound recording / mix cd
panama records pan-001 (1999).
a gorgeous mix cd featuring lots of italo disco and electro classics like alexander robotnik, giorgio moroder, kraftwerk, alden tyrell, electronome, a number of names, and a lot more that i haven't been able to identify yet...

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berlin record shop
quite small but excellent selection of electronic music, especially european electronica and electro labels, also has some new wave / ebm stuff. location: lychener str. 23, 10437 berlin.

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berlin restaurant
delicious sandwiches, bagels, salads, cakes, various coffee specialties, etc. located at the sophienhöfe between sophienstr. and gipsstr. (sophienstr. 21) in the backyard of a former factory building.
september 2001    
depeche mode
live at the waldbühne, berlin

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old buildings, abandoned hospitals, industrial palaces overgrown with plants and trees, the remaining walls decorated with graffiti, smashed windows, rain dripping through the roof... these places have become hard to find, difficult (or illegal) to access, dangerous to explore ... great to spend the day!
retina - nulla
retina - manifesto
retina - strutture

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series of sound recordings
nulla: tricky deep 'broken groovin' tracks with bleepin' harmonic soundeffects (hefty records 028).
manifesto: pulsating atmospheric soundtextures (hefty records 029).
strutture: from reduced crispy monotone sounds to deep detroitish grooves (hefty records 030).

peter hoeg: fräulein smilla's gespür für schnee / smilla's sense of snow

external website review

international bestseller. peter høeg successfully combines the pleasures of literary fiction with those of the thriller. the unusual setting, gripping plot, and compelling central character add up to one of the most fascinating and literate thrillers of recent years.

le fabuleux destin d'amélie poulain

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comedy/ romance: chance and destiny in an ingeniously created universe.
also known as: "Die fabelhafte Welt der Amelie" (deutsch), "Amelie from Montmartre" (english).
august 2001    
walace and gromit - the wrong trousers

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a true mile stone of animation.
walace and gromit - a close shave

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an all round entertaining family short film... worth watching again and again.
walace and gromit - a grand day out

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another brilliant animation.
einstein on the beach

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opera, live performance
philipp glass' master piece performed in the building of the former staats-bank of the german democratic republic
july 2001    

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brilliant series of cartoons by matt groening who also brought us "the simpsons"

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sound recording
techno classic from 1991
la paloma

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spanish restaurant, berlin-kreuzberg
skalitzer str. 54, 10997 berlin-kreuzberg

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myst III: exile

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computer game
a mysterious world of islands and different ages, each of them unbelievably beautiful. full of fiddly, complex but very logical riddles. breath-taking graphics, perfect sound. it will probably take months to find the solution but it is a great pleasure, and it is worth every minute.
june 2001    
lola rennt

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restaurant, berlin-prenzlauer berg
very small, simple furnishing but very comfortable. and delicious meals.
>> rykestr. 14, 10405 berlin-prenzlauer berg
knottel remixes

external website info

sound recording
lux nigra 013 (2000)
soundhack 2 external website buy   sound recording
soundhack 02 (2000?)
mai 2001
detroit electronic music festival 2001

website no longer available

the fabulous ruins of detroit

external website info and pictures

plaid - double figure

external website info and listen

sound recording
warp 84 cd/ doLP (2001)
rhythm & sound - king in my empire info sound recording
burial mix 06 (2001)
april 2001
berlin weather  

march 2001

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"Orwell with a Python twist"
2001 - a space odyssey

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a classic! directed by stanley kubrick

no website available so far...

indian restaurant, berlin-friedrichshain
comfortable and friendly, delicious meals.
>> gabriel-max-str. 1, 10249 berlin-friedrichshain
sound stream 01 external website buy   sound recording
sound stream 01 (1999)
february 2001
espressobar ehrenburg

no website available so far...

bar & cafe, berlin-friedrichshain
karl-marx-allee 103a, 10243 berlin-friedrichshain, U5 weberwiese.
walace & gromit: a close shave external website info movie
all round entertaining family short film... worth watching again and again
pi external website info movie
sci-fi thriller, independent filmmaking at its best. and great soundtrack.
multicast - rural sessions external website info & listen sound recording
obliq 005 cd / 2xlp on coloured vinyl (2001)
january 2001
worm interface

external website info and mp3s

record label
gimmick - slow motion process

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sound recording
worm interface 025 (2000), lp/cd
the nine lives of tomas katz

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a paranoid yet hilarious film, mixing post-modern end-of-the-world visions with biblical ones. a low budget production.
il pane e le rose

no website available so far...

italian restaurant in berlin
near a park, this is not a posh restaurant but a location that has style. excellent italian food. highly recommended.
>> am friedrichshain 6, berlin


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